CLEAR-GUARD™ wood preservative is used to treat lumber, timbers, laminated beams, plywood and other engineered wood products.

Treatment with CLEAR-GUARD™ provides protection from decay and insects for above ground applications. CLEAR-GUARD™ is applied to wood products through vacuum pressure impregnation as described in the American Wood Protection Associations (AWPA) Standards.

Product Description and Information

CLEAR-GUARD is a colorless, solvent-based (low odor mineral spirits) preservative system containing Permethrin (insecticide) and IPBC (fungicide) which are active components in EPA-registered pesticides. The formulation requirements are described in the AWPA Standard P-58-10. IPBC and Permethrin have been used as a wood preservative for many years.

CLEAR-GUARD treated wood is effective against mildew, mold, decay organisms and various termites, including the Formosan Termite in above ground applications.

CLEAR-GUARD treated wood presents minimal health or environmental concerns and has a low mammalian toxicity.

CLEAR-GUARD treated wood removed from service is not hazardous waste.