CCA preservative protects lumber and plywood from decay and termite attack.

Hoover follows up the treating process with an optional kiln drying process to gently remove the moisture added during treatment.

Kiln drying is recommended for all plywood and for lumber up to 2 inches thick. Non-KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) pressure treated wood can take months to “air dry.” Kiln drying after treatment reduces the moisture content to 19% or less, resulting in treated wood that is light weight, pre-shrunk, clean and strong.


  • Hoover’s KDAT lumber and plywood is wrapped in waterproof covers to keep it clean and dry.
  • Wood strength and stiffness increases as moisture content decreases. Hoover’s KDAT lumber and plywood is stronger and more stable.
  • KDAT lumber and plywood is lighter and easier to handle.
  • All lumber shrinks as it dries. With Hoover’s KDAT lumber, shrinkage is reduced.
  • Hoover KDAT lumber can often be finished as soon as it’s installed, weather permitting. Treated wood that has not been KDAT must dry for months before a finish can be effectively applied.

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