Since 1955, we’ve worked like lives depend on it. Because they do.

Be Humble.
Get it Done, Right.
Serve Each Other, Serve Our Customers.

These are our values- the driving force behind the Hoover difference.


or less flame spread rating


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Things were a little different back in the beginning, but our goal today is the same as it was back then: keep people and the places where they live, work and play safer. 

We do our job so that building industry professionals can be even better at theirs. And we do it by creating safety that they’ll never second guess. Fires move fast. We work to slow them down, so first responders stay one step ahead.

Today, our name is synonymous with FRTW. We lead the way on treatment processes, formulations, service and distribution. We’re internationally available, widely accessible and deeply trusted.

We proudly carry on our legacy, but never rest on it. We’re busy helping push the building industry forward; making treated wood, pressure-impregnated with peace of mind—to empower professionals and protect people.


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