Our free online seminar is comprised of a slideshow and short quiz. After completing this seminar you will have a basic understanding of how fire-retardant-treated wood performs and a familiarity with its uses in the model building codes.

This session is a discussion of fire-retardant-treated wood technical characteristics and building code related applications. Emphasis is placed on the testing and labeling required by the International Building Code. The building code, as with many products, regulates the use of wood in construction. Two broad categories separate materials: combustible and noncombustible. Codes limit the applications of combustible materials on the basis of fire and life safety. The question is then, are there options available to using wood in lieu of a noncombustible material. Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (FRTW) provides that option. Codes recognize FRTW for many applications where a noncombustible material is mandated. A few applications allow FRTW in lieu of one-hour ratings.

Learning Objectives:

What is frtw

why it is allowed in noncombustible construction

what products are available

how to identify frtw

Product Labeling

Uses allowed in the building code

Insurance recognition